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★★★ Manual Claim With Minimum Payout ★★★

Daily Earnings 350+ Satoshis  W/ No Referrals
Minimum Payout 10 Satoshis
Ways To Earn Coins Free Claim, Shortlinks, Offerwalls & Achievements
Payment type Instant, Multi-coins option

Daily Earnings 400 - 900+ Satoshis  W/ No Referrals
Minimum Payout 5,000 Satoshis

Tip : Check the site often because ads are available at any given time.
My Payment Proof
More Info Here:  AdBTC Guide

Earnings Rate 7 Satoshis Every 5 Minutes
Minimum Payout 200 Satoshis
Tip : Chance every claim to win 100-1000+ satoshis jackpot prize.
Payment type Manual
My Earning Proof

★★★ Manual Claim Instant - No Minimum Payout ★★★

Earnings Rate : 7 -12 Satoshis Every 5 Minutes

Earnings Rate : Claim up to 100 satoshi every 0 minutes

Earnings Rate : 4 Satoshis Every 5 Minutes

★★★ AUTO CLAIM Faucets ★★★
These websites are auto faucet, which allows you to automatically claim every currency at once in the same page without doing anything! This helps you earn your favorite currencies while at the same time leveling up faster on FaucetHub!
Fire Faucet : The Best Auto Faucet
Number 1 Auto Faucet Created Ever.
Payment type Instant
More Info Here:  Fire Faucet Guide

Claim up to 14 different coins at once all in same tab! 

Claim up to 14 different coins at once all in same tab! 

Every 2 Minutes Auto Faucet
Plus tons of other ways to earn!

Every 5 Minutes Auto Faucet
With tons of other ways to earn!

Simple and easy to use auto faucet
Payment type Instant

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