FaucetHub - A Must Have Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency Faucets Microwallet

ExpressCrypto - The Best Microwallet Alternative To FaucetHub

FaucetHub is gone? No worries. The next best Crypto Currency Faucets Microwallet is here.

Express Crypto is a brand new cryptocurrency micro wallet powered by Express Group.

Ways To Earn:
1. Offerwalls - A different section of Paid To Click is included here (it is only available to this site)
2. Fauceting - Hundreds of sites to choose from
3. Games - Bingo, Dices & Lottery
4. Daily ranking contest
5. Chatroom activities
6. Leveling up - Level system in Express Crypto allow you to unlock more options and to earn more

Other Features
1. Exchange - Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies Instantly in just a couple of clicks
2. 20 Crypto currencies
3. Friendly owner and moderators


FaucetHub is a Microwallet. It acts & serves like a middleman between the hundreds of faucets and your crypto currency wallet (For example Coins.ph, Coinbase, Blockchain, Dogechain, Coinpayments, Cryptonator etc.). Faucets are websites that dispenses/distribute Bitcoins in Satoshi(1 Bitcoin=100,000,000 Satoshi), Dogecoin in DOGE, Litecoin in Litoshi to visitors in exchange for completing the captchas and shortlinks. All payouts are sent instantly into your FaucetHub account and are automatically credited to your wallet address. You can request for payment into your crypto currency wallet once you reach the minimum required amount for payment.

New cryptocurrency addition: Blackcoin, Peercoin, Dash, Primecoin, Potcoin, Ethereum, Hora Token & Many More.

Important thing to remember: You can exchange (Buy and Sell) different cryptocurrencies for example exchanging Blackcoin into Bitcoin to other users using the Faucethub "Currency Exchange" section.

FaucetHub Looks Like This:


Owner: mexicantarget
Countries Accepted: There are no restrictions from any country, all countries are accepted. 
Year Website Started: November, 2016 
Minimum Payout: 0.0002 BTC(20,000 Satoshi),  0.01 LTC(1,000,000 Litoshi), 10 DOGE & Other crypto currency
Payment Processors: Coinbase, Coins.ph, Blockchain, Coinwallets, Dogechain, Cryptonator & Other bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, blackcoin, peercoin, peercoin, dash online wallets 
Payment Waiting Time: Will take up to 24 hours to be processed after submitting your request
Withdrawal Fee: The fee you pay is based on the amount you request to withdraw. The higher the amount, the less you pay. Check here the table : FaucetHub Fees 
Referral Limit: No limit, refer as many as you want 
Referral Earnings: 2% of their Offerwall earnings
Members: 1,855,445 (25,000 + active members daily)




1. Create a FauceHub account by clicking the banner below and fill up the necessary data needed:
2. Confirm email then log in to your account.
3. On the member's dashboard area, click "Wallet Address" and Link your bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, blackcoin, peercoin dash and other crypto currency addresses. All you need to do is just link your wallet addresses, for example your coins.ph or coinbase bitcoin wallet address to your faucethub account. To create and generate a bitcoin and litecoin address just create an account at "coinbase.com" or any other similar crypto currency wallet sites and for dogecoin create an account at "dogechain". For blackcoin, peercoin and dash create a wallet address at cryptonator.
Note: You can link more than one address.

4. After linking it would look like this:

5. Why the need to link your bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, blackcoin, peercoin, dash & other crypto currency addresses to Faucthub?
a. It's a must when claiming from faucets - when claiming from these faucets, it required you to enter your addresses that is link to your Faucethub account in order to receive instant payment into your faucethub account after solving the anti bot and captchas. Entering bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin , blackcoin, peercoin & dash addresses not linked to your faucethub account will just waste your time and will give you nothing.
b. For withdrawal - you can only withdraw from addresses link into your Faucethub account.
Note:Linking your bitcoin(example coinbase), litecoin, dogecoin, blackcoin, peercoin, dash & other crypto currency wallet addresses is "safe" and "will not affect your wallet account and balances in any way." 

6. Now you're ready to get started earning bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, blackcoin, peercoin, dash & other crypto currencies. Just read how below.


1. Claiming from faucets. "Click here" for my list of Top and Paying Faucets. Or go to the sites lists : "CLICK HERE"
Note: Claiming coins in different faucets may be a little different due to design, layout ,wordings and needing to click short links but the concept is just the same.

1. Visit the Faucet site link for example those that are listed "Here" and Just follow Instruction #3 onward.

2. Chat rains
Every hour 50% of the Rainpool is split over 5 rains to 50-120 lucky users. To become eligible for rain, you must be chatting and making faucet claims. A green icon means you are eligible. You can find the umbrella icon on the right side below the chat room. If it's green then you're eligible if not then do the requirement.

User's chat rain - users can also gift some bitcoins to other random active users  through chat rains. The amount depends on how much the user wants to give, there is no limit as long as that amount is available to be debited into his account balance. The user will just set the amount and the number of lucky users to receive it, then the system will be the one to select the lucky users to win the free bitcoins. 
Note: never ever ask for anyone to make a rain for you from the chatroom or you'll be banned since it's against the rules to do so.

3. You can also earn free bitcoin tip from other users for being helpful or just as a pure generous gift (Note: never ever ask any tips from the chatroom or you'll be banned since it's against the rules)

4. OfferwallsCompleting surveys, watching videos, doing some tasks, clicking ads and many more.

5. Games - Multi-coin Lottery, Rambo Dice & Rock Paper Bitcoin - Check the game section since each game has lots of different and new exciting features

Disclaimer: This tip may be a little outdated so don't rely on it too much

6. Currency ExchangeHow do I make a profit through trading? There is only 1 rule: buy low and sell high. This is always easier said than done, and we do not encourage you to trade for profit. Trading is a risk and you can either lose everything by making a bad move, or you can succeed. 


1. Leveling Up - You receive 3 EXP per faucet claim, 1 EXP for every 10 lottery tickets bought, and between 1-20 EXP per Offerwall survey/offer.
aFor every 10 lvl ups(Lvl 11, 21, 31, 41) you'll get a new color for your chatroom username. You can just look at the chatroom and see what I mean, members with different lvls have different username colors. Colors for every lvl is already fixed by the system and you can't choose it for yourself. 

Note: you can set custom username CSS for 0.0005 BTC  & It costs 0.00010000 BTC to change your username.

b) The higher level you have on site, the more you will be able to get from your referrals. Every 10 levels = +0.1% on your referrals.

2. Premium account 
Become a premium member and unlock the following exclusive features for only $0.16 (0.00001656 BTC) per day! 
  • For Users: Unlock access to the remaining 1005 HIDDEN FAUCETS in the Faucet List!
  • NEW For Promoters: Get a 20% discount on chat advertisement posts
  • For Owners & Users: Reduced trade fees in the Exchange from 0.5% to 0.3%
  • For Owners & Users: Post clickable links and formatted text in the chat
  • For Owners & Users: Your chat username will receive a  and become decorated, showing off your title
  • For Owners & Users: Unlock access to bots for Dice, Lottery and RPS
  • For Owners: Your faucets are automatically put into the Premium Faucets list and get seen by everyone
  • For Owners: Receive an email when your faucet is out of funds and requires a top-up
  • For Owners: Your faucets are protected by our Transparent Anti-Fraud System
  • For Developers: Access to the exclusive Faucet List API for building external list sites & rotators
3. Chat rules and commandsJust click the "Rules" button to read it. You should do this first before starting using the chatroom.